Has everyone covered all bases in the supplement world?

What stones left unturned do you have? Have you tried all the supplements on schizophreniacom?

My Grades

Sarcosine- C
D Serine- ?
Melatonin- C
Omega 3- B
D Alanine- ?
B Vitamins- C


Sarcosine did not help me but it tasted nice.

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Sarcosine helped me the first 5 minutes I took it. Then really I don’t notice much.

I can’t see D-alanine on iherb. There’s some positive research for it though.

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What scares me about D-Alanine is that it makes you gain weight. I guess if it works it works.

Ah. I don’t need that !! :rofl:

I can’t even find D Alanine on Google shopping.

I just read that Glycine is similar to D Alanine. Maybe that’s what people buy.

From what I"ve been reading, NMDA/Glutathione receptors play a big role in schizophrenia.

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I tried glycine. I just got nauseous on it. I couldn’t take much of it.

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You never know what works for you until you try it.

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Isn’t Glycine supposed to help you sleep?

Ive no idea. It was supoosed to be good for negative symptoms. But I couldn’t tolerate it.

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Sarcosine is the best one mentioned, followed by NAC.

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So you would give Sarcosine an A if you were to grade it? And a B for NAC?

Yes. I would. Sarcosine made me smarter. Helped with negative symptoms.

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How long did it take to make you smarter? I instantly notice NAC helping my symptoms.

Maybe a few weeks. I don’t know. I instantly felt stimulated though.

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A’s: (amazing)


B’s: (above average)

Phosphatidyl Serine
Gotu Kola
Omega 3
L Theanine
Emergen C Packets

C’s (average)

Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Folic Acid
Asian Ginseng

What I’m trying soon:

Amino Focus

Anyone find an A supplement?