What are your experiences with Vraylar/realiga?

I’m switching from abilify to Realiga so it’d be good to know.


not available in Belgium, its all about the money must be doing something good for me thats its forbidden here in Belgium Europe

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I’m on Vraylar 4.5mg and I love it. My only complaint is that I have a really bad tremor.


I believe the correct spelling for the european name of vraylar is ‘Reagila’

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It’s a good med, controls positive symptoms well.


I was on Vraylar for a short period of time and I found it to be extremely stimulating.
It wasn’t working for me maybe because I could only tolerate the lowest dose.

I became psychotic on Vraylar and had to be committed to a psych hospital.

Wasn’t a good med for me but could end up being your miracle drug.

Good luck!


I had trouble with sleep for the first few weeks, so my doc gave me a low dose of Zyprexa to sleep.
After that I was ok.
But it is stimulating at first.

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Hows the vraylar treating you symptoms wise? Im thinking of switching at my next appointment.

Hows the vraylar treating you symptoms wise? Im thinking of switching at my next appointment. How long did it take to get some relief?

I switched to Latuda long ago. Realiga was giving me funny twitches and spasms.

Did it help any symptoms though? Did you experience insomnia at all? How long did you take it?

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It helped, and I didn’t experience insomnia. I took it for a couple of months.

Why did you stop?

I have been on Cariprazine for like 4 months. Most of the time i was also abusing amphetamine. On 3 mg, every time i stopped amphetamines, i would get awful akathisia and other side-effects. With my doctor i lowered to 1.5 mg like 2 months ago and the antipsychotic effects remain or something, i do not always have psychotic symptoms even without any meds if i sleep(which usually requires 100mg quetiapine). No i have been totally sober for 10 days and feel really good. I have not felt this active for a long time and everything is going fine. I still have some minor negatives like my concentration is bad but thats because my doc stopped my adhd-meds because i was abusing drugs.

Seems like best antipsychotic so far that i have tried. Or i am just having a good episode, hard to tell.

I will inform how it is going later if i manage to stay sober and keep achieving my other goals.