Still no sign of Reagila (Cariprazine). Any news?


It’s the second quarter of 2018… Someone know any specific date when it will be launched in the EU…?


I think its not any good for negative symptoms…


I got bad news for people waiting for Cariprazine/Reagila to come to the Western European market. I had contact with Recordati (the company that will commercialize the drug).

Cariprazine will be marketed at the end of October 2018


I got on Reagila trough the official route in January this year, I’m in Eastern Europe. That meant I had to pay 100 EUR for 1 package of Reagila(all doses cost the same). So it is possible to get it before October if you pay for it, at least in some countries.

Unfortunately it caused me extreme tinnitus which I think(and hope) was an interaction with Bupropion that I was taking at the same time. We’re talking extreme, maddeningly loud 4-5 different tone sounds while on 4,5 mg of Cariprazine that kept me up 2 nights in a row even with sleep medication.

It’s been over 2 months since I quit Reagila and the tinnitus is much better(I can sleep without sleep medication) but nowhere near where it used to be. I had tinnitus even before Reagila but it was completely manageable.

I’m debating taking it again in about 6 months, a low dose, but it would be a huge gamble, it’s just that negative symptoms are quite bad for me and Reagila had a very good effect on them them.



I’m sorry that you had a bad reaction to Reagila. Maybe lower the dose and try again?

Can you PM me about the steps you had taken to obtain Reagila?

I’m still in contact with Recordati if I can get Reagila ASAP (waiting for an answer).


Cariprazine has been marketed in Germany since mid April.


LOL, guess they have different dates on which they will be marketed in Western European countries. If it’s already on the German market, gives me hope that I’ll be able to obtain it easier before all the way of end of October.


You live in which country ?


@far_cry0 No! It is the best drug invented for negative and cognitive symptoms . It can handle positive symptoms also well. More over it has an excellent heart profile. It does not influence the Qt/Qtc interval like all the anti psychotics invented before. It’s only draw back is it does not get eliminated from the body quickly. ( It stays in the body for a week). This results in a side effect profile which is wider than other anti psychotics. It’s already approved by FDA and is in US market. Only God knows when it comes to our countries!


Bro @Andhrawala if its comes to india then nepal can import from india… it is like 30000 to 40000 for a 10 tablet…

Still we dont have latuda in our country…

U are on latuda right… @Andhrawala


Yes @far_cry0 , If it comes to India You can get them in Nepal. It may become a costly drug but not as much as you are imagining. Latuda was released in US in 2010 and came to India in 2017. It is working for me. But I shudder to think what would be my life it it came to India earlier. I would have benefited a lot from it . Well that is the price we have to pay for living here.


Yes u are right @Andhrawala .!!! Get a girlfriend man u are a decent person…!!!


For the rest of Europe it will be launched once the reimbursement procedures and tariff schedules implemented, at the level of each country. These are lengthy procedures and they can last until the end of the year.


I live in the Netherlands. Recordati what a joke of a company. I had several contact with Recordati (Italy) and they are saying that I only get it with a prescription for the pharmacy. I say: I can get a prescription for the pharmacy. They say: this is not possible. I’m still in contact with Recordati (Benelux) let’s what they’ll have to say. End of October BS


They mean that when cariprazine is marketed it will be available only on prescription.


Yeah, they could’ve said it directly, nog after 5 e-mails where they kept emphasizing they can deliver it to the pharmacy once I have a prescription. Anyway, I most likely will get the same answer of their Benelux branch.

Though, I have spoken to my pdoc today and she’s willing to prescribe it to me through a pharmacy in Germany (I live near the border so that’s very positive). @anon7255419 can you inform me about the price they ask for a month 1.5mg supply (most likely my insurance won’t cover it and I will have to pay it myself).


21 tablets of 1.5 mg cost 273.83 €.
21 tablets of 3 mg cost 300,38 €.
21 tablets of 4.5 mg cost € 326.93.
21 6 mg tablets cost 353.48 euros.
98 tablets of 4.5 mg cost 952.64 €, which corresponds to daily treatment costs of 9.72 € per day.
98 6 mg tablets cost 1239.63 €, which equates to daily therapy costs of 12.65 € per day.


LMAO, that some serious “American” pricing…!! No way I can afford that! Well… guess I have to lobby with my insurance! :sweat_smile::sleepy::tired_face:


I made a phone call to the insurance-company and turns out I (might) have the right to import Reagila with my pdoc’s consent. If approved, the costs are covered by my insurance.

Latuda, which I’m taking now doesn’t differ much in price, 28 days supply is between 200-250 EUR so in theory it shouldn’t be a problem!