Any help on this alogia

Anyone got any medication I can use for alogia I can’t reason anymore Ive got bad cognitive impairment too I just move around all day like a zombie, I can’t hold a conversation it takes me long to process words like I have a slow mind now,I used to argue philosophy with friends on the street now it seems I have an empty head,I dont want to die this way please

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I also have alogia and thought blocking. I go blank while I think something.

So how do you cope, I keep wondering am I going to be a liability for life,suicide thought have passed through my mind lately,what do you take to suppress the alogia and thought block

I don’t know what to do. I forget immediately what I am told. It’s really bad.

How long has it been since your episode? Which meds are you on?

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I get alogia with breakthrough episodes of psychosis. I can’t talk, can’t process conversations and have episodes where I go blank halfway through a conversation and it takes a while to remember what I was saying. However, my AP helps…Well Not so much my current one but generally my AP helps lessen this experience for me.

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Since June this year,ever since then I have being on resperidone 4mg

@sezbot I know the feeling,I can’t talk, am most time mute

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I usually nod. This is enough


I’m on risperidone,its being 4 month since my last episode,

Give yourself some time. Your brain needs to heal itself.

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