Who has issues with putting thoughts into words?

This is called “alogia”. I am improving from it. Very slow process.Anyone else have this?


Good to read that one can improve from it.:blush:

Good that you are recovering from this.

I may have difficulties with this too.

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Yes it is a reality one can recover from it yes. It is very troublesome to have it I think.

0o…Me do.

Lmao 101010101010

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I still remain with this symptom. It’s better than it was a year ago but still bad.

I am certain that you will recover from it I put my money on it

I have issues putting brain activity into thoughts.

How was your thoughts preillness? Fine ??

Yes I was very eloquent, now I have difficulty finding something to talk about or relevant to the conversations I join.


Umm. Ahh. I just wanted to uhh, make (excuse me) some words ??? Or something I guess? Yeah, words. IDK.

Can I ask you what do you do for improve it ? Or just gets better for itself ?

I do. It’s like I can only talk in short sentences.

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Its like witnessing myself talk. lol. But thankfully I improved

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Its the abilify really And time. I’ve had 16 years of alogia so it took the meds and a little more time and then I became more well-spoken,

I started abilify 3 weeks ago and feel slightly better, how long did it take before you felt a benefit.

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Like I well it is totally dependent on the onset of it and the severity. Unfortunately it took me 11 months to get a benefit. For you, it could be quicker. Depends how fast did it get bad

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It happened very rapidly at the start, within a couple of days of getting out of the hospital. I’m now on 20mg Abilify in the am and 400mg seroquel Xr in the Pm. I’m trying to decrease the Seroquel and replace it with abilify competely by July. Hopefully I can do this with the help of trazodone and a benzo. How has abilify been for you for weight loss. Aside from alogia that is my major goal.

I started dieting and exercising but abilify was in the way of me getting skinny. So yeah definitely dieting and exercising are good. Yeah so take some time wait and alogia will do its work

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When did you first start feeling the benefit, was it within a month? I feel like my alogia/verbal fluency issue always restates itself. I feel like I am becoming more fluent but my brain never completely changes. When I wake up the next it is as bad as it has ever been. So when did the abilify first start improving the situation for you?