I've had alogia for a long time

Im wondering if my mind will come back to me,I have sz aff mood disorder bipolar depression.
I take 15mgs abilify ,10 mgs zyprexa ,tegtral 400mgs ,fluvoxamine 100mgs daily, I was wondering if there is another combination to treat Alogia ,because it’s driving me crazy.

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What does your doctor think?

He thinks it could be due to a head injury I had when I was young 8 yrs old.
I am lost so many medications out there I don’t know what to do.

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I have never had that symptom. I’m a chatterbox. Unfortunately, my therapist spends most of the time talking in my sessions. He likes to hear himself talk. Anyway, back to you. I certainly hope it gets better. I am sure it must be very frustrating.

Thanks,it’s so embarrassing not to have my thoughts when I need them.
I wish I was a chatterbox, I was a lot more articulate before I had my accident.All the best to you.:slight_smile:

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Therapy has help me with it. Connecting to people more still very distant but therapy does help. Also self esteem and self assertiveness courses. Trying to find some good ones to go through the courses again as feel it’s where I’m up to and look at it all a bit more objectively as I’m old and wiser.

I’ve had alogia since I got sz, maybe 20 months ago. I know how frustrating this is, I pray every day that I find some way out. How long have you had alogia? I want to know, I don’t want this to be a life sentence.

Its nice to see someone else who has my combination of symptoms, I’m on 3mg Rexulti and 400mg Seroquel. One guy recovered from alogia, I have seen several people on here who say it got better. Of course many others are clueless, they have no idea of the hell we live with, so don’t expect any help or real sympathy from them. How long have you suffered with alogia, i want to have an idea of how long I might remain with it.

Hello,I’ve been suffering from Alogia since I was in my twenties,I was then diagnosed with sz and depression in 1996.
It’s been the hardest part of my treatment because no one understood.
I’m planning on going on maprotiline if that works I’ll be so happy I’ll be able to start life again.
Just hang in there, you’ll see you and everyone suffering from Alogia will defeat it!
I’ll keep you posted every couple of days on how it’s going

Its a living nightmare for me,my hallucinations at first had made me quarrel with a lot of friends and family now with alogia I can’t express my self or even think clearly anymore,my cognition is also some how impaired

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Try drinking coffee. Your brain needs a dopamine boost. Short lasting though.

Can confirm it works, but only before you develop tolerance to it so you need detox.