Any experience with abilify?

Anyone have experience with abilify? I was put on it a few weeks ago because of paranoia. It has decreased my paranoia but I still have disorganized thoughts so my psychiatrist upped it to 10 mg. Would it eventually decrease disorganized thoughts?

It can take a few months to work it’s magic. 10mg is the minimum theraputic dose for schizophrenia. So if you’ve just gone on 10mg hang in there for a while.


All it did for me was take away my paranoia while giving me a bajillion bad side effects in the process. Hopefully it’s better for you!

Meds affect everyone differently. It’s done wonders for me. I’m on 10mg too.

It never helped me and I’ve been on the highest dose. I’ve also been in a lower dose and on a low dose of risperidone and it just sedated me. Everyone experiences meds differently. As you’re on a low dose it may take time for it to help.

It’s only been a few days on 2.5 mg and it’s made me feel SO much better. Awesome medication if it agrees with your body.

I just really hope it works for me I’ve been on invega, zyprexa, and risperdal and all have only helped me for short periods of time.

Yes, it was horrible. I was very psychotic the whole time I was on it.