Any CBT help?

Has CBT helped you?

I fear cameras.
They’re watching me


I cannot apply any logic

When I’m paranoid,
my mind is running
and opening

They want me to know and acknowledge
that they’re watching.
That’s why they send me these messages
via TV

Nope. Not at all… but everyone is different.

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Is there anyone who changes his mind
just because they realize their belief is illogical?

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Meds help… that’s what I know…

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Surely they do.

I can’t imagine my life
without them

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Trumanomatrix is here as always

A fly came and sat on my thumb

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i think you should exert efforts to gain wisedom
CBT is all about wisedom in everyday life
you can even do CBT to yourself by watch cbt videos in youtube
the matter is not so much hard
you dont need so much money or doctors
you can do it to yourself

CBT has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. I’ve been with my therapist for 8 years. I feel like she really knows me. And I respect her so I take what she has to say seriously. It’s really helped.

Meds in combination with therapy of any kind is proven to work best over either one by themselves. If you’re already on meds then you’re halfway there. I think you should try.

You are lucky to have a therapist for so long I only had mine for three months or so.

@shellys12 I count myself very lucky that my insurance covers me seeing her. I can’t imagine how messed up my life would be without it.

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