In what way can one implement CBT

Meds are not helping me and voices are very difficult. always leading me to believe that Im doing wrong…in what way can cbt help me…or can anything help me at all.

Cbt is just the icing on the cake, and the cake is meds. How many different meds have you tried?


The meds only helped me realize my voices weren’t real. I had to find positive things to fill my day with. Eventually, those positive things pushed the voices to one side. Those days where I sit around with nothing to do are the ones where I struggle with symptoms the most.

I would ask your treatment provider about CBT.



Same here. I always think that being perfect does no good to our healthy being.

The basic CBT approach to your op is to rethink why you believe in your voices.

You know they’re just voices. Why listen to their crap and let them get you down?

Don’t listen to your voices and let them change your mood, because your mood influences your behaviors whether you are even aware of the influence or not (but you seem aware).

Also, you think nothing can help you. That’s not true. Come up with a list of everything you’ve given a 100% effort at to help your condition and then we can validate that you’re beyond help. So stop thinking that nothing can help you. You came here for help, maybe this will help you.

There are tons of medications. Have you really tried them all? I had to try different ones for about six months to get my life together.

Cognitive- addressing incorrect and/or maladaptive thinking

Behavioral- addressing the behaviors which result from the cognition. Changing cognition changes behaviors.

Therapy- it ends up doing lots of people lots of good. It is incredibly popular and practical and easy to use.

They don’t usually put this in the formula: courage. It takes courage to face these things head on.

Hi - what medications have you tried?

There are dozens of medications available for schizophrenia - don’t give up until you have tried them. Have you tried Clozapine?

Here is more information about CBT for psychosis - watch the videos:

Here is the list of medications - talk with your doctor:

I found educating myself about my mental health symptoms using my imagination a little or being delusional. For instance if my voices are name calling I can look that up and identify what it is like its a form of abuse etc… that’s how I cope with it finding better ways to understand my problems beside medicating if I know that’s not working. Sometimes you gotta look outside the box to find relief.

Have a goodone!

To separate the delusions of what is actually not from the observations of what actually is. This is a central issue in the psychotic spectrum that includes sz.

One can do this in relatively inexpensive CBT skills group therapy, even less expensive online therapy, and still less expensive workbook therapy. (If interested in the workbook approach, reply to this post with a description of your principle symptoms, and I will get back to you with a list of tried and tested workbooks for those particular symptoms.)

In the meantime, you might want to browse these websites to see what the various CBTs and mindfulness-based CBTs are all about.

REBT – Rational emotive behavior therapy - Wikipedia
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Learned Optimism – Learned optimism - Wikipedia
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