Any advice on buying a new laptop?

Is it possible to get the ventilation changed? My laptop is 12 years old and it makes a loud noise.

You need to change the hard drive to an SSD. How much RAM Gb you got?

My son says Asus for a reasonably priced laptop that is very good. The kids got new chromebooks from the school. They are complete crap in my opinion. Only used for schoolwork and in three years were trash. My daughter took great care of hers and it still is garbage.

I know a few people who swear by Dell.

SSD’s are good, but one of the downsides is that they tend to have less storage than conventional hard drives. My old ASUS had a 1TB hard drive, yet to be honest, I agree with you and next time I get a laptop I’ll get one with a Solid State Drive (SSD). For processors AMD are indeed impressive, although I’ve been reading about some of the processors leading to noisy devices or overheating issues. For Intel it’s necessary to have core i5 , core i3 is a bit slow along with the now outdated Pentium processors.

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You can’t but you can open the laptop and clean the fans and air exhausts. It might work.

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It depends on the model of the laptop and the processor, same issue with Intel. You need to see reviews on Youtube. There is SSDs up to 16Tb but for sure they are more expensive than spinning hard drives.

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