Any advice for anti psychotic hunger?

I managed to gain some weight over the years due to my antipsychotics and my irresponsibility to change my diet. But I the medication does spark my apettite quite a bit… I was wondering if y’all have any advice for the anti psychotic munchies.

Eat more fiber and protein. I integrated no calories noodles and rice into my diet. I also take a fiber supplement. Exercise if you can, I found exercise can lower hunger.


Fiber. Good idea. I’m reading an article that says fiber can keep you satiated for a longer time. Thank you.

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Oats, beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits have lots of fiber.

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Thanks, I’m taking metamucil for the extra fiber since; in all honesty I don’t have the greatest diet. But I’m willing to try a low carb diet. Any way, hopefully it all works out, my body needs to detox from all the junk I put in it.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how are you with your negative symptoms? I know mine have been making it hard to shower and to do my ADL’s, but I been winging it.

They’re bad but I can play videogames with friends. The diet is to improve my physical health.

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Don’t drink your calories, cut down carbs, eat veggies every meal (fibers make you feel full), exercise, don’t eat till you’re full (stop at 70%-80%), consider intermittent fasting.

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You’re just going to have to fight it.

I find exercise helps.

There’s also the obvious like don’t buy junk food. When I get a sugar craving I’ll have a bowl of cereal.

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Try to be concious about your long term goal about losing weight when you go shopping for food. All the things you buy you eventually are going to eat at some point. So if you buy a lot of food with little nutrition that makes you gain weight you are kind of ruining your chances. It might be easier to start cutting back at first though, maybe have certain days in the week when you stay away from the bad foods.

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I agree with @Mr_hope, don’t expect weight loss changes any time too soon or you’ll set yourself up for disappointment and more comfort eating.

Try to see it as an eventual but Defo realistic long term thing.

Try to avoid juices and fizzy drinks as they give you calories without satiety.

Love your body and don’t give up with it (I am trying to do this :laughing:)


I am on clozaril for ten years now and i still feel hungry all the time, never went away really, i just eat a lot of fruit and veg excercise every day and dont eat any junk food, it is really hard to avoid junk food but your weight can be managed!

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I also drink a lot of water so i feel full up!


Hiding the stuff you crave will help or dont buy it and bring it to your home in the first place.

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@zeno thank you!





Thank you all I really appreciate y’alls advice!!! :black_heart: