Does anyone knows ways to lose weight while taking antipsychotic medicine?

Im trying to lose weight but its hard to while taking this medicine. Any suggestions?

I lost 6 pounds this past week, 29.4 pounds all together. It’s hard while taking antipsychotics, but possible. It requires very strong will power, and talk to your pdoc and general practitioner before you start to make lifestyle changes.

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Sorry I dont know any ways to cut down on hunger cravings other than to snack on veggies and drink lots of water.

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Eating protein, vegetables, fruits, but no carbs. If you miss carbs, then you can eat a pizza once a week for example. This is what I do.


I’ll add on that if you workout then you want to eat carbs from healthy food sources.

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The biggest obstacle for me is getting enough sleep because otherwise my willpower goes out the door. I also do a lot of yoga and stretching at night because my osteo pain makes me wanna eat too.

If you have an iPhone, check out

I just track and do stats on fruits and veggies using an app I made for Android:

Calories aren’t so important. Eating non processed food is important.

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Yes. Limit and count your calories using an app. Never drink your calories. Exercise every day doing things you enjoy. Never eat unless your stomach is growling. When experiencing cravings, distinguish between a want and a need. Only eat when there’s a need. Weigh yourself and record regularly.


Eat smaller portions. I’ve lost over 30 pounds without even exercising just by eating less. You can eat what you want. Never eat a portion larger than your fist. This even works for people with big hands as your body is usually bigger too. Your stomach will shrink and you’ll be satisfied faster.

When you can, incorporate walking or another exercise. The weight should drop off.


Diet and exercise always work.


Low glycemic/low carb is mostly good but I still eat quite a few prunes and baked potatoes because they have so many good nutrients and lots of potassium.

I also started having a mixed bag of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower almost every day. For a snack I sometimes have been having a bowl of frozen berries.

My feeling is that carbs are like jet fuel so if you eat them you should try to move a lot too that day.

I am still healing from a back injury but am making a lot of progress by boosting my protein and veggies intake. I think limiting my calories too much is an impediment to healing when I am sick or injured.


Yesterday was a better than average day for me as far as diet goes… I normally don’t eat white rice but it settles my stomach.

I am down to wearing 36" waist jeans again. For 5’9" I guess that’s not too bad.

03-14-2019 (thur) 
08:29a 0050.0 egg beaters+
08:30a 0212.4 #weight
08:41a 0140.0 Kashi bar
08:41a 0025.0 Clementine+
10:12a 0000.0 Diet Coke-
10:12a 0050.0 cauliflower+
10:12a 0050.0 light butter
12:04p 0140.0 Kashi bar
12:05p 0250.0 hamburger
12:05p 0000.0 Diet Coke-
01:41p 0025.0 side salad+
01:41p 0050.0 ranch
01:41p 0100.0 bread-
03:01p 0250.0 half of a baked potato with light butter+
05:32p 0050.0 mixed berries+
06:35p 0200.0 two chicken drumsticks+
06:45p 0300.0 white rice with butter
07:21p - 0300.0 walking
------ ------ ----------------
total: 1380.0 14 items
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