Best appetite suppressants

I’m about 280 lbs. I have a fatty liver. My doctor suggested a surgery where they give me a new stomach, so I would lose weight. It’s the last thing in the world I want to do. I hate exercising because of the medications. My strategy is to use appetite suppressants. I’ve lost 13 lbs the last couple of months. I’ve lost 80 lbs before because I went off meds. I gained it all back because I had to get back on meds. Does anyone else here take appetite suppressants? I’m trying to find the best one.

My reviews

Tryptophan- Makes me hungry then the next day I have less of an appetite

Carraluma- Works instantly and has mild strength

Saffron- Works instantly and has mild strength. It does have serotonin in it though.

Hoodia Gordonii- Just tried it for the first time. Still pending.

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I suggest any dopamine agonist. Since anti psychotics decrease your dopamine and make you eat more, my logic is anything that increases dopamine, suppresses your appetite. Nicotine being the prime example. Try something that increases your dopamine. But again, everyone is different.


Thanks. I have tried L-Tyrosine for dopamine and my appetite didn’t change.

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Anytime, but again that’s just my hypothesis

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Your hypothesis makes sense with Ritalin, but not everything I’ve tried.

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Taking a dopamine agonist will probably give you psychosis. I wouldn’t take one.

I hear green coffee bean is good and as much exercise as you can force yourself to do.


Thanks I’ll keep it in mind.

I take a 100% rda B-Complex and it curbs antipsychotic induced hunger pangs. I take abilify maybe it would work with your antipsychotic too.

Interesting. So abilify curbs your hunger too? I’m going to look into both.

I already take b-2, b-1, b-9, b-6, b-5 and I’m basically allergic to b-3.

oh yeah i take b-12 too

Nope. Abilify increases my hunger. But like I said taking a bcomplex stops that from happening.

I have no appetite on geodon, lexapro and wellbutrin. I had no appetite on Abilify injection but the pills made me hungry.

I don’t believe that’s true. Cigarettes don’t cause psychosis.

oh okay. I did notice a curb in appetite when I first started taking Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin D. I’ve also read that Abilify sometimes increases or decreases your appetite.

I did have really bad thoughts when I took Ritalin. It’s probably not good to take something that lowers and highers a neurotransmitter. Although we do it everyday when we eat certain foods.

I would like to try Contrave but it could easily make me Manic/Psychotic.


Prescription diet pills can have nasty side effects. So do your research and make sure you’re comfortable taking the risk.

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Contrave looks fancy. I know my norepinephrine is the root of all my issues.

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That definitely is smart. They do look dangerous, but it seems way better than getting a new stomach. Try it once and if you don’t like it just stop taking it. I’ve done that before.

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