Anxious yesterday

I noticed the irritability and anxiety and I had trouble sleeping for which I needed sleeping tablets. Lack of Sleep is a massive factor in causing psychosis for me.

What made you anxious ?

It came from no where I have no clue … how you doing @Andrey

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Not too good. Not too bad. It’s an ordinary day.

I rarely have anxiety so I can’t exactly relate. How long since you stopped working?

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It’s good to hear from you. I quit working September but left the job in November.

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I see. So how do you keep yourself occupied?

I have a friend who told me he has an anxiety disorder that “feeds” on idle time. So he tries to keep busy as much as he can.

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I’m trying to exercise walk more and trying not to shop more


Do you still draw or doodle?

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No doodling but did colour for a bit.

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