Any anxiety?

Anyone suffering anxiety today?
Yesterday and today my anxiety quite bad
Now I have turned sound off TV and it helps
Sometimes I have good days and then it springs up

Happening at night for me. Which is triggering my paranoia and just a constant circle. Living alone’s not helping much with it.

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Mine is worse around lunch time and eases of late afternoon most time
Yes it is a vicious circle

I read a Finnish article today that discussed how anxiety can cause obsessive-compulsive behavior. I have some obsessive-compulsive behaviors of my own.

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Yes I do
For example in the evening I will go through in my mind what I have to do the next day. I will list it with detail such as eat Shreaded wheat with milk and sugar.

When I leave my place I have to check at least 4-5 times that all electrical appliances are switched off. Drives me mad sometimes.

I used to have anxiety because of delusions but that’s no longer the case. No one’s 100% anxiety free but I’m way more relaxed.

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Everyday, like Clockwork

I have had reduced anxiety Recently.I think meeting people helps with my anxiety,I only had social anxiety

I was doing Ok for a while…

but things are happening… life changes are coming…

and I’m hitting a tsunami of anxiety these past few days. I’ve been sleep walking again and finding myself pacing again.

I just have to push through and keep calm.

suffering from anxiety today. it is pretty severe and can not function normally through out the day. just wish to be able to breathe and swallowing hopefully i will end the vicious cycle