Anxiety turns you into nothing!

My anxiety turned me into nothing. It sucks!


My anxiety is killing me

Yea I’ve turned into nothing too. I think I always was though

My anxiety sucks the life out of me until I no longer have any life force to anxiety chokes me until I’m on the verge of tears and then spirals in to schizophrenia.


I don’t really have an anxiety problem anymore. Although 18 years ago I was having panic attacks quite a bit. Going to work was hard, getting a hair cut was hard. It was rough. I was agoraphobic and just wanted to stay home. It was a CBT program called “Attacking Anxiety and Depression” that really made a huge difference.

Currently I am having insomnia problems and am on clonazepam for that, 1.5mg/night, and so far it has worked well for that, but as a side effect I’ve never felt calmer, but that is no surprise, it’s a benzo and prescribed for anxiety in some people.


I have bad anxiety it goes hand in hand with my sz symptoms sometimes and sometimes it’s on its own but nearly always there.

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I have panic attacks and they’ve ruined my life completely. I don’t have any life quality. I shut myself in because of them. I can’t go shopping, I can’t talk to women, I have issues when trying to socialize in group gatherings and so on. When I get them it feels like I’m about to faint or have a psychotic episode. It sucks!

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I use to have high anxiety when I was younger. Probably to the extent of agoraphobia. I don’t know exactly what changed…whether it’s because I’m older, because of the meds or maybe I just have a different attitude now but my major anxiety has mostly vanished.

I’m anxious or fearful all the time.
I suffer with agoraphobia.

I looked up the “Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety” which created the program “Attacking Anxiety and Depression” and Google says it is permanently closed, however another website came up called stresscenter,com and they have a smartphone app called “Attacking Anxiety and Depression”. I don’t know if the company changed its name, or it has new owners, or if the program is even the same but maybe check it out, it might help. When I used the program almost 18 years ago it made a HUGE difference for me, it eliminated my panic attacks and agoraphobia. It’s based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Here is the infomercial from 2001 when I bought it

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