How bad can anxiety get really?

I don’t really pay attention to it. I am occupied with my problems from time to time, but I have a lot of them so I just kind of thought it was normal. I mean everyone worries, it is normal even if you don’t have problems with it. But I keep becoming a mess, my thoughts are just a disaster. I was wondering if this was more of a sz thing, more than anxiety. It is like I always say something that is not how I really see it and always second guess myself as if that is not how it really is. It is just that being a mess is not really in the negative symptom list lol. I was wondering if anyone gets either of these and could tell me what they experience.

TLDR: Not well, what the hell is wrong with me.

My anxiety gets so bad before a piano recital performance that I walk off the stage before performing.

Anxiety is an OCD symptom more than a sz symptom although a lot of sz/sza’s have it.

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I would imagine that is quite normal though. Most people would do this unless they did a lot of performances. I did a battle of the bands when I was 15 and completely messed it up because I was so nervous.

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I think you’re right. 15151515151

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I have sza with mixed bipolar, ptsd, and generalized anxiety disorder with agoraphobia. I have chosen not to be on benzos for many reasons. Addiction, tolerance, etc.

I find anxiety every day, and it cripples me. Like @SkinnyMe I am sometimes unable to do many things. The agoraphobia has me staying at home, a lot. However, I find that going somewhere with a person I trust makes it more palatable.

Hope this is clear as mud. Lol


I suspect I’m actually losing hair because of anxiety.

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It is just I can feel a bit sick mentally. I think it might be thought disorder related. I feel fine today, just it is not like this all the time.

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