Anxiety before sleep

Every night, I sleep like a baby and wake up great.
I take my Latuda just before 15 minutes of sleep, but until I drift into and fall asleep, I experience some paranoia and anxiety. I feel vulnerable and wonder about my online presence… I don’t even know why.

I will stop posting a lot of personal stuff online for now and try to keep privacy, this thought that I share too much with others, has been bothering me and it’s not healthy. It’s very important to keep your life private. I have always had a very open friendly personality but sometimes it’s coming across in a different light and people are misunderstanding my intentions so it’s leading to confusion.

It’s my character to talk a lot and share a lot so I will do my best. :v:

when do you experience anxiety or paranoia? and how do you deal with it?

Before being medicated I would feel anxiety before falling asleep, and also when being around people. Now that I’m on buspar and Ativan (PRN) my anxiety levels are way down. As for paranoia it used to be nearly constant, but between those meds and Risperdal it has also gone way down.

I rarely take Ativan but I’m on Latuda. I just don’t think it’s healthy for me to post my pictures and talk openly on this forum, triggering paranoia. I even thought about completely deleting my profile from here but I have a lot of good friends and I enjoy browsing and talking to them. I need to become a more private person I guess and just chill with my friends.

I just joined here but I deleted Facebook because of paranoia, so I can relate. You gotta do what’s gonna keep you healthy.

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I would delete Facebook too. Sometimes when I see my friend’s posts I take it personally but my judgement is good.
I need Facebookto advertise my business and keep in touch with long distance friends… I’m keeping it for now, let’s see what the future will bring. I just have a big online presence so I should not share my identity with others on this site, especially openly. lotsa stalkers and creeps. I’ve been hurt before too, don’t want it to happen again. I should take better consideration of stigma.

I can see how Facebook can be useful, but for me the cons outweighed the pros. Plus my wife has it, so she shows me when my friends post important things and can keep people updated with pics of our kids. I would definitely agree that retaining privacy online is important, hopefully you can find a balance that suits you.

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@sleepybug what happened to ur avatars i can’t see ya…:alien:

When I feel anxiety when I am about to sleep I take 10 mg Oxazepam if I can’t fall asleep.

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