Feeling paranoia come out again slowly

Today I talked to a guy from Mississippi and then later I saw a Mississippi liscence plate. This made me paranoid about coincidences an synchronicity

Our minds play tricks on us. For me its tshirts with messages lately.

What ap are you on @cactustomato?

My Aunt is staying over our House for about a week, so Im under more stress.

Today I felt a bit paranoid towards her, it comes and goes - Stress will do it all of the time.

Latuda. I am wondering if it was just the coffee I had today I only had two cups

Could be. If you have a caffeine sensitivity and/or added stress, they could be the culprit. Latuda, for me, really helped with the paranoia, where so many others were lacking in that area.

Did you lose weight on it?

Absolutely the most weight neutral ap I’ve been on. Better than abilify for me. But, I still have to say that being on an ap, even Latuda, makes it difficult to lose weight. It still slows me down a bit. I need to change my diet and exercise daily, I’ve found, to lose weight. Even on Latuda.

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I was hoping to lose the 50 lbs I gained on risperdal simply by getting off it and on Latuda seems that’s not the case.

Sorry, my friend. For some that may be the case. But for me personally, that’s never been the case. I have to work for it. And meds make the diet and exercise difficult.