Antisocial personality disorder

I think I have this a bit. Or can it be the sz? I fit the symptoms. Is it the same as psychopathy? I have no criminal record but was very close to have one many times. Meds don’t help much.

I feel I have this sometimes especially when interacting with ppl.


Anyone here has antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy?

According to my therapist, I have traits of it. Not enough to warrant a diagnosis of the personality disorder. I do have Schizoid Personality Disorder, which is a whole different thing. I meet a lot of the criteria for Antisocial PD, including Conduct Disorder before age 15, but I’m not quite there. Close, but no cigar.


You converse well on this forum and get along with everyone here.

I think you are overthinking this one a bit.


My stepfather I had was diagnosed as a psychopath for real.

He was abusive and used to say I’m not a member of their family.

My brothers got lifts to school and expensive clothing etc etc which I didn’t.

He suffocated me with a pillow once and said he would have killed me but didn’t want to go to jail.

He strangled me too and hit me and pulled my hair etc

Worst was the emotional abuse .

My mum and dad always put their sexual partners before me.
I always felt that they were unable to love me the way I needed instead I felt I gave love and got hated in return.

My mum used to say she regrets giving birth to me and I ruined her life.

My dad gave his x girlfriend a house, his other x a million and his wife will inherit him and we kids will get nothing from what he said.

I have memories of being molested but was told it’s delusions.

I love my parents unconditionally and they like me more in their old age than they did when I was young child .

They have done nice good too.

My stepfather I had is charming and funny to everyone and popular and educated etc no one would ever suspect it.


The worst thing about my stepfather was he would ridicule and mock my suffering.

I have seen awful people do this to animals.

When I tried to tell them I was hurting in a mature way he would mock me and ridicule me.

I suffered living with them.

I hated being a child.


Sorry that that happened to you.

I am more violent without meds as I used knives. Once on meds I punched my brother in the face bcz he didn’t let me listen to music in the kitchen. Even on meds I still get inappropriate sexual thoughts, I was harrassing my underage cousin, good thing I told my brothers about it, they beat me up and I stopped. I think it would have been worse if I didn’t tell my family. I am aware that I am doing something wrong so I tell ppl around me.

Voices used to tell me to rape my mother when I started smoking weed. These inappropriate thoughts tell me to look and touch sexually visitors like my cousin’s wife.

I just looked up anti social personality disorder, I fit some of the things but I think it coincides with sz, although I’m non violent I do have anger issues since I was a kid. I think the fact that you know it’s wrong or that you’ve had wrong thoughts might mean you’re not, but I’m not a doctor just going off what I read online. Intrusive thoughts are a pain in the arse.

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Here’s how it went down for me @Aziz. When I was 17, I was compelled to enroll in therapy per the local psych hospital. I had left a trail of destruction behind me since I was 12. The hospital had serious concerns about me being in society and wreaking havoc. I can’t get into things I did or I’d be run off of here, but it was placed upon the therapist to try to make me suitable for society. Her approach was kind of bleak, but the goals were accomplished. We worked long and hard on my behavior, and in the end she basically got me to the point where I could function without being imprisoned or otherwise be a burden upon society. I can’t get into details, like I said, but I did a lot of things that would cause a negative cloud to hover over me.

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Maybe I should raise my Risperdal. I still feel angry and a bit psychotic. Maybe it will pass too…

I can’t even sleep its midnight.

I have a very hard time with my anger too. Always have. I still lash out sometimes. Last week some idiot neighbor let my dog out of the fenced-in yard and it was tough to recover the dog. I shoved the guy, called him a “stupid f*cker” and got super-confrontational. He tried to buck up to me, but when I shoved him and he did nothing, I knew I had him and that he had no fight in him. Maybe Thorazine for us both is in order? Haha. :slight_smile:

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I think i have maybe avoidant and scjizotypal.

These thoughts sound more like OCD. OCD makes you have inappropriate thoughts. For example, I had thoughts (or flashes of thought) about dangerous things happening to my family. I had no intention to do it, nor I want to do it. You might want to ask your doctor about this.

You have these thoughts, and you know they are wrong. A lot of people with OCD have violent thoughts.


@Aziz this site might be helpful.

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I used to have motor tics with my head when I was very young. Its associated with OCD. I think I had OCD when without antipsychotic. Now on meds (Risperdal) I think I just have it sometimes. I am embarrassed about telling these thoughts to my Dr.

You should tell them to your doctor. It might be helpful in dxing you with OCD.

I kind of feel like you have OCD, not APD.


I feel the same. I will try telling my Dr next apt. Its 3 December.

I was very psychotic while on risperdal it didn’t work well for me I was on 4mg now on invega i am very stable

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I don’t think you have it, schizophrenia could be the cause of these behavior, in fact you are much better on meds.

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