I have ADD and schizophrenia and i am trying to find a anti psychotic medication that doesn’t block the effects of Strattera. I have also heard that you can take Abilify with Dexamphetamine.
Does anyone have any experience with anti psychotics and stimulants or the right atypical +Strattera?

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Should be OK. These medications are occasionally used together. They are for somewhat different symptoms and sort of work opposite of each other. Together, you shold monitor any increased sedation and your liver functioning should probaboy be monitored by your physician.

As long as you are being followed fairly closely, this shouldn’t be problem. Doctors are now learning that many patients have more than one mental health diagnosis, and comorbidity is quite common. Schizophrenia plus ADD is not uncommon. People liable to have several chronic disorders routinely need more than one medicine to treat both conditions. As long as you are compliant with your treatment plan and doctor visits, you should be OK.

Amphetamine mostly acts presynaptically, dumping more neurotransmitter into the cleft. Antipsychotics act postsynaptically, blocking the signal from being received. Antipsychotics are selective for particular receptor subtypes, so wouldn’t be expected to unselectively block all amphetamine effects.

One issue of concern is that chronic dopamine blockade by antipsychotics results in a homeostatic increase in dopamine secretion. This is what ultimately causes dyskinetic effects via the dopaminergic motor pathways.

Co-administering amphetamine would augment this effect, so even if you block the pro-psychotic effects of amphetamine with the antipsychotic, you could still be putting yourself at increased risk of the motor side effects of the antipsychotic.


I think that your dr will know what works together.

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My memory was awesome on Strattera. But i eventually got severe anxiety on it. Some people might also get paranoia or worsening positive symptoms.

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I would like to try ADD meds to see what they do to my symptoms - chaos, cognitive and executive function issues, attention, avolition, etc. I want to ask my doctor about them next thursday. Might she have anything useful to say, i will let you know. I suspect she doesnt dare prescribe them though, especially since i barely use antipsychotics.

Would love to try, even if just a few times, just to see if the world is different with them.

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