Antipsychotics and Stimulants

Hello everybody.
I’ve been away for a few months trying to calm the crazy storm that is my life.
So I was wondering if anyone has any opinion or experience taking stimulants for ADD/ADHD, along with their antipsychotic medication. Or maybe you don’t take any medication for your psychosis but do take stimulants. What ever the case may be, I would like to hear how it effected your psychosis. Even if you don’t take it at all but have heard some pretty strong opinions about it, because from what I’ve heard; some doctors are against it and some go ahead and give it a try.
I’d love to hear all about.

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If You Are Talking n Chatting About Ritalin , My Opinion is Please Do Naught … ,

It’s a Twitching Rainbow of Cocaine … ,

and After You Realize Your Body is Being Jabbed For Hours , You Will Understand Why Some Peeps Can’t Evn Believe Children Are Welcomed Into tha “MENTAL” “ILLNESS” Category … ,

Slightly Troublesome … … …


I do know that the 2 may work against each other and can cause complications. Ap’s usually calm and block and stimulants usually increase neuro-chemicals. The 2 could wrestle with each other and make psychosis worse.


Ever since they gave me the shot of Haldol decoate I’ve been immune to the effects of stimulants. I’ve smoked crystal meth, I took thirty white crosses, I snorted a lot of powder cocaine, I’ve done methamphetamine, and I didn’t get high on any of them. I’ve also done ecstasy and didn’t get high on that. I know I didn’t get ripped off because other people did the drugs I didn’t get high on and said I didn’t go wrong; I wasn’t ripped off. It’s probably fortunate I can’t get high on stimulants. I also can’t get high on most narcotics. I’ve tried demoral and other pain killers, and they had no effect.

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Not a bad idea, so long as the pt is capable of dealing with the upshots. For that, one usually needs the sort of skills one gets from these psychotherapies:

DBT – What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)? – Behavioral Tech
ACT – ACT | Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
10 StEP – Pair A Docks: The 10 StEPs of Emotion Processing
SEPT – Somatic experiencing - Wikipedia
SMPT – Sensorimotor psychotherapy - Wikipedia

Adderall caused my psychosis. I almost bought adrafanil online to try to see if it would work but I’m too afraid of psychosis from too much dopamine. Last thing I need is to be acting crazy again. Best thing is to wait until h3 agonists come out. Pitolasant and irdabescant are our main hope for weight loss on antipsychotics hopefully they don’t cause psychosis

I personally never took a stimulant but my brother has taken both antipsychotics and Ritalin at the same time. He would wake up crying and say he wants to die. His old doctor was a joke and would take vacations every month and my parents couldn’t get a hold of him. So they took him to a different doctor eventually and got him off the antipsychotics for a while until he got older then his doctor took him off Ritalin and put him on abilify

I stay away from stimulants as far as I can. It just worsens my psychosis and makes me paranoid.

It’s like taking a horse tranquilizer and then snorting smoking watered down meth. It’s literally like that.

In my opinion, no, it’s a horrible idea. Try coffee as a stimulant. Unless you need to do something insane like lift several hundred pounds several times, don’t take anything stronger than coffee, and that means no energy drinks.


Is this still the case for you months later?

they put my brother on stimulants and anti psychotics when he was diagnosed with bipolar, adhd and autism. I just remember him having one break down after another because his doctor didn’t care,

It’s the same for me years later.

Do you ever experience happiness or just feeling up in general since Haldol? Or are you still blunted on the positive end of the spectrum entirely? Thank you for sharing!

And 1 more question :). Do you no longer get the stimulant effects of alcohol? Or did that ever come back?

I take 200mg Wellbutrin twice a day, and 10mg adderall twice as well. I get up super early so my first dose of both is around 4:45-5:00am. Then redose five hours later. I am pretty productive and get a lot done, and I still have my whole day. I take my anxiety meds after that for a million reasons. By the time night time comes and it’s time for Geodon and Zyprexa, I am sooooo ready for them. The small doses of adderall help with a lot. Tons of my symptoms. And sometimes I skip a day if I am just going to be laying around all day.

If I took any stimulant medication my head would explode. I tried playing video games again yesterday, and my head got so overloaded I ended up having to go to bed at 4pm…

From other people’s experiences I heard stimulants were not a good choice and exacerbated symptoms. I forget how stimulants work so I can’t give a reason for this.

Particularly nowadays, I find playing older video games that I could play “automatically” doesn’t overload me. Can play them for hours. I suppose if it’s a new video game and I have to learn how to play … I would get overloaded easily. Especially games like first-person shooters (never been good at those, probably too realistic). I would prefer more simulated reality type games.

i was prescribed methylphenidate along my ap
and ive read some case studies about sz and comorbid adhd that were treated with ap & stimulants
so its posible
the only problem is that ap is so potent that stimulants wont work as usual

note: i was not taking ritalin for a long time i dont know longterm consequences

Well here is the thing with ADHD meds- they go UP on D (dopamine, we all know and love that stuff) while antipsychotics go WAY DOWN like even in parts of the brain where dopamine should not be down. That’s where the tremors and stuff come from.

not really my cup of tea, I myself would maybe try it, but only if I had to. Now ADHD and psychosis are difficult to differentiate, to see if you really have both and not just psychosis.

But it does happen, and there are treatments for both, if you have both.

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