Antipsychotics injections

Has anyone tried to wear off an antipsychotics injection?

How was it and how long did it take?

What’s your opinion on injections vs pills in general?

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On paper and most of the times in reality if injection of a drug is available then its better than pills,
But I have an experience with haloperidol, its injection mades me worse while pills were helpful,

Much prefer pills.

I had a bad experience on Xeplion ( Invega sustenna ) worse than the worst bad acid trip under the sun.

I will never have another AP injection till i die !!


I’d rather take pills. You can fall asleep after taking them. Injections never make me tired. Plus with injections you get breakthrough symptoms, and before it’s due, the symptoms are worse. Doesn’t feel like injections are strong enough. But pdocs are all about having a steady level of meds in the bloodstream and it works for me because I don’t take my pills as prescribed a lot of the time

Risperdal injections work better for psychosis than do the pills. That said, the injections play havoc with your creativity.

What I like about pills is that I fill them early and keep a year stockpiled in case of catastrophe. I go through very awful withdrawls from tiny amounts and I am afraid cold Turkey on my full doses would kill me

I used to get haldol injections. I liked them better than the pills because there were fewer side effects. Going off them was really easy.

Injection is less side effects and it’s easier than remembering to take pills. I like it. I get the haldol injection. 100 mg

I was on Clopixol depot for about 2 years. It made me very tired. It is a very potent AP for positive symptoms. I then changed to Olanzapine. Olanzapine gave me metabolic syndrome so I changed to Abilify.

I didn’t like the injections cause I had to go every second week whilst having strong negative symptoms.

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My Antipsychotic injection Prolixin last for about 2 weeks, and you don’t gain that much weight.

What did you experience @Wallafish ??

For some reason, I never did very well on the older typical antipsychotics.

I’ll take the pills 15151515

I prefer the jab - it ensures im med compliant. Yes i get some breakthru symptoms towards the end of the month occasionally, and im usually a bit late for the jab cos i forget - but i have a supply of Serqoul pills i can take if i do, so it sorta works out well for me.

But has anyone of you tried to cold turkey an injection treatment?

I much prefer injection. I hate taking pills.

Yeah I did for prolixin in September 2016, my doc called me up like 2 weeks later and said he would give me the pills when I said all my problems with the injection. I said I didn’t have the time to deal with a couple days before and after how I get a really uncomfortable feeling and the day I get it I wanted to cry my eyes out. I had to get it once every two weeks and I had school to worry about. I ended up relapsing 3-4 months later after only having the pills in my system and that called for a new pdoc that threatened me that if I didn’t take zyprexa, he’d commit me. I had to take that until he left his job and I got a new pdoc and she saw what rough shape I was in after 2-3 apts. My therapist advocated for me thank God when I wanted to get off the injection and cold turkeyed it. I could have been hospitalized