Antipsychotics have taken away my inner monologue

Has this happened to anyone else? I used to narrate my thoughts and now its mostly silence. I hate this


Get a hobby, it will help.

The first time my head went quiet I was so upset I stopped taking meds, cut off contact with mental health and just went about my business. It didn’t take long before I found myself in crisis again and right back in front of the very same pdoc. Eventually I came to love my quiet head. Right now my head is noisy after a meds change and I’m planning on addressing it at my next appointment to see what we can do to hush it down. Maybe once you get used to it you will like it too.

I notice that too, my recommendation for anyonne with this as I have it is to slow down your thinking a lot. So acknowledge that you are thinking maybe like 75% as fast as you used to, then try narrating at that speed. Here I am…I am doing such and such…I feel such and such way. You can even cut out details if it helps, because I believe that is why we lose our inner monologue, because we are just thinking more slowly.

I actually grieved the loss of one of my voices (it was the Dalai Lama) cuz it was always telling me good things about myself. I also had to get used to my feelings and thoughts being “normal”, which really means boring and mundane. I kind of liked it when all the world’s colors were sharp and my thoughts made me feel invincible. Sometimes I want to quit the meds in order to get those back, but I keep taking them cuz my life really HAS improved.

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I have gotten great pleasure out of listening to audiobooks and radio shows. I think everyone is different. How did it happen to you? Did you know some people strive to have an empty mind?

I have this and it’s not related to meds I think. It’s the illness!

This happened to me. It still feels slightly strange 12 years on.

I miss Sarah on meds. She’s the good spirit. Don’t hear her much anymore. It makes me sad that meds take her away so much.