Antipsychotics and weight gain

I’ve been trying for years to lose weight on zyprexa. Is there a pill that could mitigate the weight gain side effect of this med? Even though I’m only taking the minimum dose (2.5mg), it’s still incredibly hard to lose weight unless I’m on the ketogenic diet, which is very hard to sustain. Changing meds is not an option for me at the moment.

Try Metformin, ask your dr about it.

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Maybe you could try a different AP. Geodon and Seroquel handle my symptoms with little weight gain.

I’m definitely going to ask my dr about metformin. I looked it up and it seems to be very good.

I think there was a trial with melatonin for olanzapine weight gain. Melatonin help a hole lot.

Apparently lithium with melatonin helps with olanzapine weight gain tremendously. But I remember another study using just melatonin with very good results.

I know lithium causes weight gain. It decreases thyroid hormones which decreases metabolism. Also it increases water retention. I tried lithium orotate supplement.

I don’t know about melatonin, its a med to make you sleep.

I just checked and weight gain is a side effect of lithium. I think in your study they countered weight gain from lithium and olanzapine with melatonin.
Lithium is a med for bipolar and has nasty side effects like tremors, confusion and decreased memory.

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Yeh sorry, I got it wrong. They used melatonin only, not lithium.

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