Antipsychotics and Stimulants

That! My man is what they prescribe stimulants for

I thought being over stimulated is the problem though

i find amphetamines to be 100% necessary for my work. but you need to have a job or be in school to get a prescription for them. if you’re properly medicated, and i don’t mean, “unstable, but not so much that you’d notice.” If you’re properly medicated, they won’t destabilize you at the prescribed dose after you develop a tolerance to them (takes about five weeks)

Actually my AP increases dopamine.

and what ap that would be?

Seroquel (chemical name: quetiapine)

why would you say that quetiapine increases dopamine
its a regular blocker of dopamin receptors
those serotonin receptors that should disinhibit release of dopamine are blocked only weakly (5ht2c) compared to some others atypical aps

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Well, it makes sense for me. Maybe I’m a rare case but the meds increase neurotransmitters in my brain (at least to an extent). Serotonin and Dopamine increases. And it’s certainly what I need daily – helps me concentrate better, feel better, and have more energy on a daily basis. I have cognitive deficits and lack of neurotransmitters is part of the reason.

that’s because of 5HT1A agonism (increase) which then leads to prefrontal cortex increased dopaminergic activity, and at the same time, antagonism of the glutaminergic activity in the brain. Prefrontal dopamine is what supplements on here such as that profrontal shyt or whatever is called does…in short, prefrontal dopamine makes everyone sharper, more alert, driven, also makes psychopaths behave (I am serious, they have poor dopamine activity in their prefrontal cortex), all of this and more because the prefrontal cortex is where the president of the brain is. Glutamate makes people crazy. I mean seriously, both of those are like correcting the personality as well as medicine can, and removing the “batshit insane” factor and demoting them to “suspicious” from “paranoid psychosis”. I would know, I have been on these drugs and had schizophrenia, still have it (I take Rexulti by the way, 6mg, an experimental phase dose, but a just new drug- you can probably get on the company’s program and get it for free if you really need it, I would recommend it).

Quetiapine, ziprasidone and clozapine all do this, and less negative symptoms are reported for all three. Gee, I wonder where negative symptoms are from what what causes them (looks like we need more dopamine in the prefrontal cortex).

I don’t mean to be rude or anything, just sharing what little I can, fact-checking and questioning like a good scientist.

some of these other people who happen to have educational backgrounds like mine know their stuff too…you would be surprised who stops by here every now and then to see what is up.

You probably do not have exactly what you think you have with the notion that meds do the opposite for your brain. Brains do not work like that. @SlowMotional


@AmateurUnlicensedQuack good advice from moretimermouse a very smart man.

I’m too scared to try any other APs after having dystonic reaction from Abilify years ago. Doctors probably also don’t want to tinker with a meds combination that already works so well for me.

Well, you described how people need certain amount of dopamine and then end with this statement to sort of contradict.

Well, I’m sure you know more than me, but I’m telling you. The Zoloft/Seroquel combination I take daily doesn’t “cure” but helps. Gives me more energy (negative symptom). Helps me concentrate better (cognitive symptom). Helps me feel better (depression symptom).

I’m telling you 100% truth. Sometimes I can almost feel neurotransmitters being increased in my brain or refreshed/restored.

You can state whatever you want. I know what the meds do for me (increase serotonin and dopamine).

It would appear patients that have too much dopamine would, indeed, need decrease.

I’m just the opposite. I need more dopamine to help me function better on a daily basis.

APs don’t just treat positive symptoms needing to decrease dopamine or “voices” or things of this nature.

I just happen to be on the other end of the spectrum. I read how some patients seem to struggle benefiting from APs but my meds combination works amazingly on a daily basis with no bad side effects. The synergistic combination helps rather significantly (as it pertains to negative/cognitive symptoms/deficits).

Everything I post/say is 100% true from my perspective. I don’t lie about anything. I believe in always being honest and truthful. Always.