Antihistamines and schizophrenia

My overdose was on an antihistamine wen I tried to kill myself.
Thought I could get myself to sleep and die


Here’s case report of natural Quercetin antihistamine used as augmentation agent in schizophrenia

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Hello. I like your topic. I find myself as well antihistamin helps. I am not sure 100percent of my diagnosis and I am new to this site. Last year I had kind of psychosis when I had racing thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, I stopped eating, sleeping and I was always telling myself stupid things with my own inner voice. I do not have halucinations, or hear other voices. When I had psychosis I was immediately scared I have schizofrenia and I was scared I could harm other people. I was always scared of mental illnesses in the past. Psychologist did roscharch test and diagnosis was psychosis with signs of schizofrenia. I got rispen 1mg, I could not handle when psychiatrist increased dose in 1 week to 2mg. I stopped medicine and I got bad side effects. I was dizzy, restless for few months. I could not believe I have something to do with schizofrenia and my friends said its rubish as I did not act crazy. I went to 2 other psychiatrists they thought I have depression I got some antidepressants Citalopram it helped me with panic attacks and I used Ambien to sleep. I started to be more paranoic scared that other people poisoned my medicine. Citalopram and Ambien made this paranoia worse. Then lucky was when I used l-theanine instead of Ambien. That was great. I visited last psychiatrist I am with her now she took me off Citalopram it made me feel bad. She was observing me for some time and she said I am on border of pychosis many times and I have something to do with schizofrenia,but its not pure schizofrenia maybe something similar to schizoactive that is what I found reading on internet. She suggested I should try neuroleptics Abilify 10mg. I still did not take it I am very scared of it. So far I use only Omega 3, l-theanine, B vitamins, B9 vitamins, I got from neurologist 40mg Gingo Biloba special pills called Tebokan. I as well have 4 types of herbal drops that is from detoxicologist that helped me with that strange thoughts when I was telling myself over and over strange scary stuff. This thoughts decreased 80 percent, many days I do not have them, but I do feel strange. I have concentration issues. When I had psychosis last year I had problems to read and watch TV now this is much better. I have polen allergy and when I started to take my medication antihistmamin Rupafin 10mg I had huge relieve. Few days I felt happy, gingo biloba pills helped me as well. I felt more energetic and it helps with anxiety. I found as well there was study done in Scandinavia psychiatrists proven antihistamins to be effective for schizofrenia, but so far no farmaceutical company made pills for schizofrenia based on antihistamins. I said it to my psychiatrist she said she knows of this study, but it was just one study and she said I should take antipsychotics. So far I am scared to take antipsychotics based on my bad experience with meds last year, but I need something. I still have racing thoughts, sometimes anxiety, I sleep worse sometimes I wake up in night scared I saw something in my room, I get concentration issues. My moods were up and down and I had suicidal thoughts a lot. After taking antihistamins now my moods are better. I mean I do not cry every 2nd day. Still I know I need help, but I am really scared to try Abilify. I am scared it will make me feel restless and my sleep will be worse. I did job recently, now I look for new job. Last year I did not work since my psychosis. I started to work just when I finished meds and used supplements. To be honest I am so scared now how my life changed and I am scared about the future. Since last year I felt my life was ruined. I had good life so far. I am 38years old and now this crazy times. I as well did a lot of sports I still do. Not sure how it will be once I start Abilify. Any ideas ? Here article about antihistamin

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I just started taking quercetin it is anti inflammation so Im mainly taking it because I have inflammation in my brain and Im hoping that reducing it will reduce my symptoms as well

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