Anti-psychotic medications you are on?

What medication are you currently on and is it helping?
I am on Risperidone and newly Sertaline which is an anti depressant and a medication for anxiety which takes a month to start working.

I am on Geodon, Xanax and Propanolol. Geodon in an antipsychotic, xanax is an anti-anxiety, and propanolol is a beta-blocker which helps with tremors and anxiety. I am in remission, my meds are as good as it gets. There is no cure but there is such thing as excellent treatment.

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That is good to hear, I agree.
Since my age I only can choose between 2 anti-anxiety medications and they both take a month to start working but risperidone for my schizophrenia has made a big time impact for the good.

I am on risperdone 1.5mg and it keeps me delusion free, i dont like risperdone i am in process of coming off of it. If i relapse and i cant manage it without med, than i will use a different med

I am on 1.0mg a day, It’s helped me a lot I am very warm to it as it’s made a huge good impact on me.
Not all medication is for everyone though,hope you get the meds you need.

I’m currently on lurasidone which is usually for bipolar people and is a anti-psychotic, which is working quite well for me. I am also currently on lorasipam, which is an anti anxiety pill. As well, i have been on palpiridone, respiridone, envega, and quite a few others.

Geodon and Seroquel are doing me pretty good. I think I am about as comfortable as I can be on them. I also take Wellbutrin for depression. I don’t see myself as needing any other medications.

I’m on Risperdal and Sertraline but I’m going to be switching from Risperdal to Abilify as soon as the authorization gets through to my insurance. I’m hoping the Abilify causes less weight gain (some people on here have reported losing weight on Abilify) and overall less of a tranquilizing effect.

Haldol, Cogentin (for only the next 7 days), Seroquel, and Depakote and Keppra (the 2 latter for seizures).

I’m on Abilify 15 mg and symptom free (other than lack of motivation and unrelated, pre-existing anxiety)

This is not to say I’m not really messed up psychologically and emotionally despite even being free of my Sz symptoms of course.

rememeber that.

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I am on sertraline Seroquel thyroxine and busperoin for anxiety

I am on Risperidone 6mg, Haloperidol 5mg and Clonazepam 2mg.

8mg Resperidone, 200mg Seroquel. Daily. The Seroquel really knocks me out, I’ve had several days where I slept for 17 hours.

yeah I like Seroquel for that reason that I do get to sleep even if it takes a while I have always had insomnia without meds. it does give you a weird feeling and a dry mouth when you take it tho myn doctor wants to put me on haloperidol anyone tried that and what did you think.

I’m on Haldol, and have a long history of success with it. I’m in the minority. Most people find it too powerful or having too many side effects. That said, it will knock the psychosis on its ass 90% of the time. For that reason, it is still the go-to drug in the ER for sedating agitated patients.

I’m on abilify and it is the best thing. I can sleep now and I don’t suffer from anxiety. also I am less depressed.

I feel comfortable on this drug. the others I was in pain, much pain, from.


I actually got a substantial increase in physical strength on Abilify.

Would highly recommend ABILIFY as long as you are not prone to stomach symptoms. After about a year of taking abilify, it paralyzed my stomach and landed me in the hospital for a week and then five more E.R visits in the past three months. I’ve had a sensitive stomach all my life so it’s not completely unusual, though it is an extremely rare side affect for someone my age and with my physical health.
It was the only medicine that worked for me but its really expensive if you don’t have the right insurance :frowning:
I wish every day that I could continue taking it, but no more psychotropic medication for me from now on!
Typical spoonie.

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thanks alien does Haldol get you off to sleep when you take it?