What do you think is your most effective medication


Mine is probably mirtazapine,it let me be less,i rate abilify lesser because I don’t notice huge positive benefit on abilify alone,what about you??


Risperidone is the most effective med for me. However it has unbearable side effects so I gave it up and chose amisulpride afterwards.


none so far but am raising my dose of abilify to 15 mgs on the 30th. fingers crossed. not holding out much hope though.


From the starting of my schizophrenic episode I have been on Respidone. It is working greate for me. I have no symptoms now.


Geodon, followed by Seroquel.


Risperdal followed by Geodon which quit working after five years.


I would say Risperdal and Lamictal as a mood stabilizer/depression as a close second