Anti psychotic and anti depressant combo versus anti depressant alone

Any discussion on this.

I had bad reaction to anti depressant my first psychotic break , but what about in combination with anti psychotics ?

Abilify @5mg is used as an add on to anti depressants, so it kind of has a dual use. I’m using 7.5mg currently and feel it’s acting as both an antipsychotic and antidepressant (based on when I was off it)

I’m on 20 MG of abilify but I still feel lazy and unmotivated, my doctor said we need a change if my “mushy mush” as he calls it keeps up. I’m thinking he meant anti-depressants.

It’s funny, back when I first started taking meds my voices asked what I was taking, I said, “an antipsychotic”, and they said “that’s fine, just don’t let them give you an antidepressant as well”. Which in hindsight I thought was very amusing, that they’d comment or even had any idea what an antidepressant was!


It’s supposed to be sedating at higher doses, activating at lower doses. 10mg is the minimum recommended for antipsychotic use, so I’m taking a chance with 7.5

dang that’s crazy. abilify is a very complex drug. good to know. i need 20 mg a day…when i cut my dose in half to 10 mg i went psychotic within 5 days. it doesnt really “sedate” me much per say, but there’s something missing more like it. thanks.

On clozaril 325
Seroxat 60
Antidepressant helps me but gets rid sex drive but need it wouldn’t be without antidepressant

dang all of you guys are on really low doses of medication…

I’m on 200mg Seroquel a night, 150mgs Zoloft a morning, six 300mg gabapentin throughout the day, 2 60 mg Geodon throughout the day, 50 mgs naltrexone for alcohol cravings, 8 mgs prazosin at night for nightmares, then I get the invega sustena shot every month…I think that’s it besides vitamin supplements…

I’m only at 7.5mg as a trial. If it works out then I’ll consider myself very very lucky.

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Throughout my time in the mental health system i haven’t taken a anti depressant without an anti psychotic. I use to take lexapro but my old pdoc took me off of them. Now i’m on omperazole 20mg for heart burn, lithium 300mgs twice a day, propranonol 80 twice a day, latuda 160mg in the evening, then amitriptyline 25mg, clonidine .1mg and haldol 10mgs

I have been on thirty one different meds since 2004. I am now on 8mg perphenazine four times a day and amitriptyline 100mg at bedtime. This is the only combination that has worked. Still have issues but way better than the past eleven years.