Anti ldepressants discontinuation

Anyone have any experience with discontinuing antidepressants? Specifically citalipram. I missed a dose the other day, and although the experience wasn’t completely comfortable I did feel more in tune with my mind and body. I guess I’m asking if anyone on here has felt better after a successful discontinuation of an SSRI. Also whether or not the experience was difficult.

I have withdrawn from prozac and zoloft. It isn’t fun but it was the most tolerable psych med withdrawl I’ve done. Out of benzos, SSRI’s, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. It’s not too bad. You can always make smaller cuts too. After I was off it, my mood was the same!

Antidepressants never worked for me and I noticed nothing going off them, except for the one I had a bad reaction to.

Generally, though, the effect is long-term. Not taking your pill for one day really won’t tell you much about the actual effects of quitting them.

I’ve tried a lot and have pretty horrid depression. Only one that really works for me is Effexor and it’s notorious for withdrawal. I missed a couple of doses last month and it really bit hard till I figured out what was up.

I take like 300 mgs these days which is a pretty good dose. If I miss it I generally feel odd within 12 hours or so. It does happen.

I went off mine because of side effects and I didn’t feel they were helping. I was right I felt the same off them.