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Two years ago the two board & cares I stayed in had a bedbug infestation. I shared a small room with some guy and he would make his bed and point out the bedbugs in his bedding and bites but interestingly enough, my bed was 4 feet away and I rarely found bedbugs and almost never got bitten.

The owners of the group home had everybody take out all our belongings and they had an exterminator spray our rooms. It took three occasions to finally get rid of them. They moved most of us out to a facility down the street (not because of the bedbugs). But it ended up being infested too.

Every night I felt them crawling over me and every morning I would wake up with 10 or 11 new bites, usually on my arms. This was every night for months.
The bites leave a small red welt and one morning I got up and on a whim counted how many bites I had covering my arms and I counted about 40 new and old bites.

I felt worse for the poor woman in the room next to mine than I felt for myself. She was my age but looked much older, like a stern, prim and proper schoolteacher or something. Her room was infested as bad as mine and I remember getting up one morning and stepping out into the hallway and hearing the poor thing coming out of her room crying and pleading and begging the staff to do something about the bugs. She was pretty nice and it was wrong for the staff and owners to let us suffer for so long. I’ve moved around a lot over the years and I lived in nice places that it would it have been unthinkable to let stuff like ignoring the problem to go on.

I moved out shortly after that into my current apartment. One of the counselors, helped me go through every single thing I owned and sprayed everything with straight alcohol. If I had brought bedbugs to this place I would have been promptly kicked out and I would have had nowhere to go.

I would have probably had to pay the full costs of getting rid of them. And I never told a soul about this but after about a week of living here, I found two bedbugs crawling on me. I killed them and kept it a secret. And by some miracle I never saw another one since I’ve been here.

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Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of,

Glad you’ve been free of them for so long.

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Thanks. Yeah, it’s so hard because they can hide almost anywhere and an infestation just starts with a few of them and often you are infested before you are even aware of it.

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