Another sleepless night

I live in one apartment building.I got a new neighbor recently and guess what? Yes, they decided to have a party last night. They yelled, laughed and played music, and of course, all these sounds travel in this 60s apartment building very well. I could not sleep properly and of course, this day is messed up, because I really need my sleep or my mind is messed up in the following day. Have you had similar problems?

I have a neighbor below me that I have been having problems with since 2010. I called the police on her for loud music and that turned into her screaming derogatory things at me and my daughter. Last year she finally got warned to stop the derogatory yelling or she would be charged with harassment. So now it’s just her music 2-3 times a week making my floor and sometimes my furniture vibrate. Lots of fun lol. I had to go over my superintendents head to building management just a couple of days ago so hopefully they will get her under control soon.

Hopefully this won’t be a regular occurrence for you and it was just a move in party.

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I’ve lived in some pretty wild and loud places. It hurts. It just kills your ability to feel good in your own space. I have had some hard run-in’s with bad neighbors. I too have been the bad neighbor.

We’re near the beach now and in summer people stop in front of our building and talk loud and try to stumble home. I try and be patent. But it gets a bit much. My sis will turn the sprinklers on people if they get too loud.

This is a pretty chilled out building. I really like the neighbors I have now. One is a lady who kills more plants in a week then I could in a year. I have no idea how she can’t figure out house plant’s. But she is an amazing cook. So she knows how to do stuff. She will over water and under water plants all the time. So she asked me to go over and help her with all the plants. She has a lot of them. Poor plants.

The other neighbor is a 65 year old ex-biker chick with vibrant blue spiked hair. She has close to 30 grandkids and she is very cool. She will party hard sometimes, but she always give us warning and an invite. So I know to tire myself out, take a bath before hand, and put on the ear muffs. I like her, she uses a cane but she can still manage her Harley.

My neighbors above me have a party about every couple of months. But it stays pretty quit here.

i had really bad neighbours a while a go, they were bullies .
but i taught them a lesson over a period of 3 years…aaahhhhhhh satisfaction …never piss off a sz.
take care

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