So my neighbours are extremely loud around 12am-2am. My mom and I are starting to think that it’s a little suspicious because it happens every single night.

I thought I was hallucinating first, but my mom came out when I called her and heard them laughing and slamming the car doors. So she said, “How do you sleep?”

Here’s how the pattern works: around 12am, the men come out and chat loudly. Around 1am-2am, a group of people come out and start to yell and slam their car doors and leave to somewhere.

I mean, I would ignore it if it doesn’t happen every night but we’re really annoyed now. We made up wild stories among ourselves on why they are so loud every night. It’s becoming a storytelling event for us now. :joy:


My neighbor likes to scream at her kids. I love them but sh!t. It gets old after a few years. Next time I do this apartment living thing I’m gonna think twice after I’m told that the walls are thin.

That sounds like abuse…are the kids okay?

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it sounds like these guys are drunk

I always called the police when I was living in low income housing.

Oh yeah. Kids are fine. She never hits them or calls them names. The kids seem mostly happy. I’ve never made a big deal out of it because she has her own issues too. OCD…bad childhood. That sort of thing.

I see. My mom used to yell at us when her marriage was not going well. She has apologized and we’re really close now :slight_smile:

@Daze Yeah… Koreans like to get drunk. It’s a known fact XD


Oh…the neighbours are out and about yesterday, as usual…

we also have this sports car in the complex and the owner likes to show off that he has one by blasting its engines.

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