I've been stupid

I freaked out over my stone and a half weight gain from my meds and have been off them for 3 weeks. Couldn’t go in to work today. I’m off my antipsychotic and antidepressant.

The thing is that I’m no longer sure that I have sz and think that I could just be a victim of experimentation with electronic weapons.

I started back on my aripiprazole again today as my partner got really cross with me.

Then you learned @PlateOfBiscuits


I think I have learned. I don’t feel good at all.

The voices get quieter with medication. They’re not electrical signals. You’ll still hear voices even in a Faraday cage.


If you quit your meds one too many times without the supervision of a doc it will come back to haunt you.


I feel guilty now as my partner seems very worried and he got really cross with me. He’s a good guy.

Don’t base your actions on outer phenomena, like what your partner wants. Be okay internally with meds. If you gain weight, change your diet and exercise more. Life with meds is not impossible!

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I’m low carbing and ironically injured myself exercising a few months ago so now I’m really limited in my choice of exercise and I’m still on the waiting list to see physio. It’s really getting me down. I suppose it’s better than going to hospital though.

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