Another DX poll

Are you diagnosed with:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Something else
  • No diagnosis yet

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My reports just say schizophrenia. I also take ADs and benzos but in my reports my pdoc never mentions anxiety or depression. I guess that’s considered secondary.

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Got the old vanilla paranoid sz. Was some talk about autism (like my daughter has) - but i dont agree with that.

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I was diagnosed in the post-subtype era.


Yeah its “schizophrenia” (F20) on my notes now. They omit the paranoid bit these days lol.


I’m also an F20 (ICD).

Whatever. I just focus on my symptoms.


This is my exact situation for 20 years.

I don’t take anything for anxiety, but wouldn’t mind trying something.

I put schizoaffective because I think it is the diagnosis for someone with Depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

My cousins son is studying psychiatry at Harvard.

He told me he thinks I am schizoaffective after he visited us a couple of times and talked to me.

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I just follow the diagnosis of my pdoc.

But the lines between the different categories can be blurry.

The only impact my diagnosis has is to get disability.

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Technically Bipolar 1 rapid cycling with psychosis. Then tap onto that GAD, MDD and PTSD. Then my psychiatrist trying to find meds that help with OCD like thinking patterns. I also have homicidal ideation which unchecked can lead to suicidal ideation. I have a med for agitation though and keep stress to a minimum.

PTSD with short psychotic episodes (and food intolerance).

There’s been talks about schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, borderline, bipolar. But it’s just PTSD now. I thought about further testing for underlying issues. But I fear it will cause professionals to put me back into the “don’t listen to anything she says, she doesn’t understand”-category. Which would be quite unpleasant at this point. For me and kid both.

PTSD somehow makes professionals more willing to help me solve the actual problems in myself and my environment. Rather than hand me a box of pills, and leave it at that. So. For practical purposes, I’ll stick to this one.

My primary DX is paranoid schizophrenia. My secondary DX is flaming pudstick.


Bp1 mixed features with psychosis. But really im just an organic egg :egg: :yum:

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I am potato to your egg. :potato:

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I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type by the psychiatrists from the psych hospital that I stayed in.

My current psychiatrist officially diagnosed me with bipolar but she feels that I could very well have Schizoaffective.

My diagnosis will mostly go back to Schizoaffective after I see her next week.

But for now I voted Something Else

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Schizoaffective disorder here. Got diagnosed just six months ago.

Schizophrenia 15151515

I have both schizoaffective disorder and borderline personality disorder (they said that one cuz I self-harm so much)…

Sza depressive type, but new team thinks it might be something else… will see

SzA depressive and PTSD.

I have depression and PTSD. Currently, my pdoc is trying to decide if I have paranoid sz, or sza depressive type

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