Diagnoses history

Hey guys how are you? Just thought of an observation of different diagnoses over the years. I think it took a long time to get right one and I hope it doesn’t get changed again. My illness course is clearer now since I’ve had it for over 20 years

2002 - bipolar
2003 - bipolar then sza then sz
2004 - 2007 - sz
2007 - 2012 - recovered
2012 - bipolar
2013 - sz
2014 - sz and borderline
2018 - sza and anxiety
2020 (presently) - sza, borderline and anxiety

What about you guys?

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Not that much variation.
Chronic psychosis
And back to psychosis

First schizophrenia
Then schizoaffective
Looking into whether there is some autism

I’ve had anxiety pretty bad through out, I’m just glad to be off benzos.

Schizoaffective at 15. Tyen avoided care until mid 30s.

Post partum depression
Major depression
Major depression with psychotic features
Back to Schizoaffective when pdoc found out aboutoriginal dx, added bipolar type.

2008 Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood
2009 Delusional Disorder
2010 Paranoid Schizophrenia
2012 Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenia
DSM5 diagnosis in 2015. Just Schizophrenia.

No change here. They got me pinned down to “sz similar” for 13 years, because they can’t find any other suitable diagnosis. I don’t mind.

Schizophrenia ,schizophrenia with disorder of gender identity 1975-1983
Schizoaffective mixed type primarily. Occasionally bipolar disorder 1983-2005
Personality disorder NOS 2005-?
Paranoid personality disorder ?-2018
Schizophrenia + ASD highly likely 2018-2019
Schizoaffective & Aspergers 2019-

First I was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis then later I was diagnosed with major depression then schizoaffective bipolar type.

Drug Induced Psychosis 2003-2004
Paranoid Schizophrenia 2013
ASD 2020

Mines just changed twice. EUPD then schizophrenia. I wouldnt normally give a monkeys - but they cut off my Depot Jab - and thats when i truly lost the plot lol.

I dont care what they call it - so long as i get my monthly jab.

Bipolar with avoidant personality disorder.

My current diagnosis is schizophrenia. However I think the schizoaffective is correct.

Schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism.

Bipolar disorder
Schizoaffective disorder
Bipolar disorder

Schizoeffective Disorder back in the 1990’s. It got changed to Paranoid Schizophrenia somewhere along the line. I also have had depression and anxiety.

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