Another diet change (going vegetarian)

was vegan for 4 years, weighed about 120-140 pounds during that time but wasn’t taking meds and was hallucinating. then after a hospitalization I gave up on being vegan and have been eating meat for the last 2 years. this time, starting in june when I get paid, i’m going to try being vegetarian. now I weigh like 160-170 pounds sometimes less.

this is my meal plan I came up with

breakfast: 3 eggs with cheese and salsa
large hashbrown with onions, tomato, cheese, and hot sauce.
fruit smoothie

lunch: bean salad
baked beet root or turnip
side salad with olive oil

dinner: baked potato
large garden salad

snacks: pumpkin seed and raisins mix

the only thing im worried about is the cholesterol from the eggs, my cholesterol is high already so will get regular blood work to see what the eggs are doing to me.


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