Angie and I aren't speaking again

She says she wants out …it is so hurtful with her threatening to leave all the time I think this time I am going to let her leave…it will be painful and I always thought we would be together but if she wants to go I can’t make her stay…she says I am always stressing her out…idk…


I’m sorry to hear your having trouble. Good luck with everything and with finding happiness


I can’t quit crying…I wish she would stay…

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Maybe if you let her go she will come back. I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a female mid life crisis now that women are in the job market.

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Don’t let her go. Talk to her about what can be done to make it better. Set up a few things that can be done differently and work on doing those. Don’t give up

Also offer to go to couples therapy before any final decisions are made

thank you everyone…I just started to go out for a pack of cigs and throw away my quit and Angie got up and said don’t go…I said I was upset that she was planning on leaving and she said she wasn’t leaving !! so I’m happy again.


You guys have to work on this. She says you stress her out. Fine, she should ask to discuss it. What’s not okay is to play with your emotions by continuously threatening to leave. How is she going to get mad at you for stressing her out while she is consistently are stressing you out and hurting you? I think maybe couple’s therapy is a good idea like @Moonwalker said. Hopefully you two will be able to work out some of your issues together and find that spark in your marriage once again.

Sorry you two were having issues. Im not the best relationship advisor (i suck at relationships) but I can imagine you feel “unsafe” in the relationship when she is threatening to leave every time she is unhappy. Couples therapy seems a fine idea. Good luck.

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