It’s the weekend :(

I’m distraught. It’s the weekend and my wife is a stress ball again. Nothing I offer to do or suggest seems to help and only makes things worse.

Maybe this is not the right place to air marital problems but they stem from anxiety issues.

I feel mentally assaulted after offering to to do all the things she said she needed done tonight and she nearly broke her phone on the table, exclaiming that it had to be done by 3.

If you have any words of wisdom please share, or if you know a better forum I can talk about these things.

It’s destabilizing me and I feel I have to hide in my room

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Give her some space.

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I’m divorced so i’m probably not the go-to person for marital advice. I am sorry you’re having these problems though. I hope you two can get it worked out. Maybe a marriage therapy would help? Just an idea.


We’re talking about marriage therapy actually this second.

Does anyone know a marriage forum setup like this one?


Suggest doing as much as you’re able to, when you’re able to. Take breaks as needed.


Is there a discourse app?

I’m trying to find a discourse based marriage forum

Discourse hub

Answered that myself :slight_smile:

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I think it shows you care. No worries. Hope things settle down.


I hope things work out for you, Moonwalker. I don’t really have advice, though, I’m sorry. Good luck with everything. I wish you the best.

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