Have you a fat belly...............?

yes I have a fat belly


I have a fat everything :pensive:


Yes, I outgrew all of my nice clothes. :cry:

A bit. I was always so thin, even underweight, while eating everything and anything I wanted. Now I’m a bit chubby.

Yes. I’m too much overweight. Trying my best to loose some weight but with little to no success.

I have quite the gut, yes.

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try safslim for bellyfat

in 18 years since put on zyprexa I lost 6 stone twice

Ugh … Yes I’m fat!

I have a huge belly. It puts strain on my back.

I have a big belly but not really any fat. It’s Latuda

I gained 20 kilos on Invega, I have a big abdomen, at least it is subcutaneous fat, it is under the skin not under the muscle, still ugly fat though…

I am all belly with skinny arms and legs I look like a snow man just round no chest and sticks for arms and legs I am so out of shape

yes its massive

I’m afraid I must have ate that thin girl I used to be, I got some “love handles” (I don’t love very much, a “muffin top” (yuck), Spare tire, Dunlap, Gorda, pinche Barigona, pinche Bárrela, pinche bandolina,
But I just call it
Blubber. (Ew).:slightly_frowning_face:

I try to do a sit up but there is to much fat there to curl my chest up then I try pull ups or push ups and my belly is to heavy and weak I lift waits at the gym but I’m weak these really in shape girls lift more than me I’m a guy and I feel embarrassed loser

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I have too. I like it. I caress it often


I also have fat belly.

Like I tell people.

" I was designed for comfort, not speed "


Am just fat not only the belly

Yep. And my thighs are getting too thick to wear my leggings. :frowning: