Anger meldown

I had a anger meldown at the cafe I work the people were sickening there and I flipped. Im home trying not to beat myself up my girlfriend gets back in 40 minetes.


People at work can be stressful… what happened?

Yea I can relate travelling the transit system everyday gets on my nerves. Stupid changes they make, the system, potential fines etc

I was looking at the people and they were making me sicks and I yelled. I dont now what happned.


People make me sick too

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I sometimes restrain my urge to scream at work or do something crazy at work also… but hey it’s not worth it to stress over it…

I try to think work is just work and nothing emotional


I get those kinda meltdowns too. Sucks it usually takes me several hours to calm down.

Just know it will pass.


Thanks everyone I lost the job

its ok, you will find another job again. ive been through many jobs.

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I have decided Im not working anymore :slightly_smiling_face:


good that you made that decision =)

:eyes: 4234234534

I enjoyed my time volunteering in the cafe near me and i would love to get back to that but i got a little overwhelmed around that time and ended in hospital, i’m not sure what caused it but i’d hate not being able to go back :frowning: i really want to do that :frowning:

I’ve had meltdowns before, when frightened and stressed. That’s something the depot has been good at reducing.

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