I don't feel free

at home i hear voices and they make me feel like taken ‘hostage’ by a crowd i don’t care for.

at work there are still hostilities towards me that are extra and peculiarly only for me.

in some stores i also feel pushed out the door.

it’s a ‘hard knock life’ having sz.



You can feel like a prisoner.
That sucks that at work there are hostilities.

I remember the times when I was walking down the street, talking to myself.
Incredibly embarrassing.

i still talk to myself, a whole lot.

at work it feels like there’s a social war going on and at me.

judy and thanks ares for sympathizing with me.

its good you have a job, i’ve been trying to get a job for a long time, i like to keep my mind active and focused on other things i put all the crap to the back of the mind and concentrate on what’s important, it drowns out all the nonsense and i feel a lot better bc of it (with the help of my med that is)

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actually i started out as a volunteer at this job and then they hired me.

good luck to you.



My volunteer job at the cafe i started last week went well, i made my first coffee on the coffee machine and it was a cappuccino my first customer was an SNP MP from Westminster,

There has been chat about making it a TEP (transitional employment placement)) hopefully i get it but it’ll probably only be 4 hrs a week at £9 an hr, fingers crossed x

I had to take a few rests though, anxiety :frowning:


I used to say that all the time, like when the lines too long at a store. I felt like I was being held hostage.

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