Angels are just suppressing our psychic powers! If we all coordinate our attack, we can break free and rule the world!

It could be true. I call dibs on cancun.

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Hahaha I suppress my own psychic powers. My mind is too ■■■■■■ up for me to control them. I’m only partly kidding. Just wanted to chime in before this gets closed.

Yeah why do topics like these get closed quickly?

Personally focusing on this stuff for too long drives me kookoo. Ask the mods. @moderators


Someone who’se psychotic comes along and gets some bad ideas!

It’s surprising the rubbish that survives these days. Over 18 years this website allows more than it ever has for the average punter! You don’t fight a land war in Asia though! ( Unless your Alexander! ).

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Elegantly phrased and also the correct answer, @catsrcool.