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I’ve read that you have psychic abilities, I have psychic abilities too but most of the time I don’t know how to use it. So let me ask you, if you can see inside someone’s mind, what do you see when you see me? What do you see about my future? Is there any date I need to remember? Here’s a pic of meIMG_20180410_152308 Edit: please don’t be paranoid about this, if you can’t answer it’s ok, but I will really appreciate if you do

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I don’t want to trigger others @Alan96.
But I see a kind person.

Because I’m on meds I don’t obsess on spiritual matters any more.


Ok thanks, I really appreciate

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Do you mind if this thread gets locked @Alan96?
I’m uncomfortable about it.

@Moonbeam @anon9798425 @Rhubot @Ninjastar

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There is no problem if it gets locked