The mind controllers are back

Turns out theyre demonic and evil. Pretty sure they use some advanced telekinesis to mess with people. Anyways, its kind of “whatever”. After having it done to me for years, its nice to know how it works and that i might not even be as schizophrenic. Feels good.

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I have those thoughts
They tell me they are true gangsters who are trying to teach every gangster to know how to “play” with the devil and to rule the world.

Sounds like freemasons


Its like advanced remote viewing that can mind control people and interact with the environment. The truth must been known to all so we can lynch those that use it for evil. Lol

Maybe im just being psychotic again, whatever itll all blow over by the morning. Stuck listening to mind control victims for now.

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I just accept it and go with the flow. I’ve always felt the meds help counter it.

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Ive been writing a book about it. It helps alot, discussing such things into word form helps. Tho im gonna take the nic card out at one point, i fear theyll delete the book while im not looking. I call the book “psychic wars”. Ill post on here when i self publish.

You know i was on the fence for the longest time between machine and psychics. Turned out it was psychics.

There’s no such thing as mind control from psychics. Meds can help overcome this delusion.

Ive noticed that rap and metal music talks about mind controlling other people, stalking, and doing magic.

It sounds ridiculous but part of me is noticing everyday.

The only thing people like us needs to do is staying away from getting in trouble or causing a scene.

Also to not think about it to much.

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