Anesthesia how badly it will effect the brain

I want to have a surgery to remove the breast tissue that was caused by my med. there is two ways to do it, one is Anesthesia, the oder with pain reducing injection. But i read that it will still be painful, i am thinking the first option, Anesthesia… Anyone here went through surgery and how it effects the psychosis?

When I was 18 I went into the ER for bad sharp pains in my lower side. Turned out I had a large dermoid tumor in my ovary and it had to be removed asap before it busted. That was one of my big fears was the upcoming anesthesiologist putting me out. I had to do tons of tests and preps before surgery day. I felt like a lab rat. And it was really hard since thats when my SZA was starting to become more and more prominent. I was afraid that I would wake up and go right into psychosis but honestly it didn’t trigger anything. The doctor and nurses said I made them all laugh because I was being super silly while I was out of it. And once surgery was over I was fine. Took meds and didn’t go into psychosis because of anesthesia. You should be fine. Hope your procedure goes okay! :wink:

Thanks, i will also ask my psychatrist but i am afraid he is going to ask questions like, where you going to find the money this and that.

Yeah, if you don’t have insurance then anesthesia is very expensive. But it’s a great alternative instead of being awake during procedures. Being alert and being numb where procedure is taking place would lead me to flip out.

Oh god ! I hope you get well soon Mindewhisperer.

Thanks Alex

I havent decided yet when i am going to do the surgery, its not that bad, but still i don’t want any bit of attention