Anxious. Big day tomorrow

Starting midnight tonight I have to start fasting because I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 9 for my surgery. They are going to put me under and that’s the thing I’m worried about the most. The idea of not waking up freaks me out. And usually they give you laughing gas to put you out before they give you the general anesthesia. I also hate the laughing gas, it tastes horrible and it’s just a not very fun way to go out. I’m not worried about the procedure or the pain really. Just the needle and IV part. So as the day has faded today I get more and more anxious about tomorrow. I had a busy week preparing for this because I won’t be able to to walk or get around very easily.
Getting nervous. I know I’ll probably be fine. I just want to get it over with so I can start healing and get back to my work out routine.
Aahhhhh. Wish me luck.


You’ll be fine.

Good luck!!!

You will do well - best wishes

Thank you all!!!

I’ve had 8 surgeries and I worried needlessly about every one… Don’t worry, they do this stuff all day long, week after week, all year long.


They put people out all the time…don’t worry, you’ll be o k. I would be nervous too…just try to get some sleep even though you will be hungry…I hope you have a sleep aid?

My meds knock me out pretty hard. And I’m gonna go to bed early tonight

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Good luck and I hope you heal quickly. I’ll be sending the best wishes I can.

When they put me under it was like I just blinked my eyes, and it was two hours later. Strange. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. Best of luck.

Good luck!..

Good luck! I’ve been knocked out a couple of times. Was most nervous the first time. You will be ok. :slight_smile:

I’m sitting and waiting in the hospital now. I hate needles so much.

Good luck from me, too! I just saw your post. Have courage!!! We are all here for you.

You will be okay don’t worry…

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You will be ok. Hugs from me :slight_smile:

Good luck, you´ll be ok!!

Thank you everyone for the support. It was fine, no problems. Just a bit painful. I’m not allowed to do much walking. And it’s hard to sleep because I can’t sleep lying flat on my back.

Glad you’re back. Healing takes time. Go easy on yourself.

Good Luck!! You will be fine; feel better soon!