Schiz and surgery

I’m due to have corrective eye surgery on the 21st march, I’m terrified! I’ve been waiting for this surgery since September so plenty of time for my thoughts to spiral and create many paranoid theories. I scared they’ll put something behind or in my eyes but my main concern is the general anaesthesia I’m terrified of being forced into sleep and the idea of it is enough to make me panic also coming out of it… I know people may say all sorts of things and I have a lot of secrets that I don’t want people knowing about, particularly my mum who will be with me in recovery or the staff looking after me, I’m scared I’ll let all loose or that my paranoia will take over in some form of primitive instinct and I’ll do something stupid because I’m scared that they’re trying to hurt me. I’m just wondering how anyone else here with similar issues to me have undergone surgery and what happened and how you coped? I’ve never had surgery before and just need someone who has had surgery with paranoid delusions? How did you cope? I’d appreciate anything even if you just have advice even if you haven’t had surgery I’m just so worried about it…

I was put under once for day surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed. I think the anesthesia probably works in a way to limit things like sleep talking. My surgery for instance. They don’t want me talking while pulling me teeth. I don’t recall ever hearing of it being a problem for anyone that I have known that was put under. From what I recall you are awake one second and not awake the next so there should not be an feelings of going under to deal with. If you are worried about talking in your sleep. Have you ever listened to someone talk in their sleep? I have lots of times, my husband and kids. It’s never been anything that I could make sense of. It comes out a jumbled mess so even if you did talk while in recovery I very much doubt that it would be anything that your mom could understand. Try not to worry about it.

I had a 10-inch incision made on my left elbow to free a pinched nerve. You know your funny bone (ulnar nerve)? Yeah, felt like I was hitting it 24/7. So I opted for surgery instead of perpetual pain pills. I woke up alone in the recovery room. My wife was brought in to see me, and I kept asking the nurse the same question over and over: Why can’t I feel my arm? I did this 6 or 7 times, and I was released. I didn’t hallucinate, was instructed to take my prescriptions the morning of surgery, no paranoia, just loopyness from the anesthesia. I say get the surgery done. You’ll be glad you did once it’s over.

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hynotherapy could help to give you a more positive out look on your surgery.
you have paranoia , sz , when stressed we do not think straight.
you will be fine , you won’t do anything stupid.
’ rescue remedy ’ can help calm you before you go in.
take care

If you take high doses of folic acid and B12 your paranoid dellusions-negative symtoms will be in control… mine are in control. All the best, friend.

I’ve been put under for my ECT, wisdom teeth, appendix, and I usually have to be almost put under for any basic dentistry. But the ECT was the worst. I was sure they took my brain. I had NO voices. My head was vast silence. It really freaked me out. I couldn’t cope.

One thing that helped was to admit to the nurse that I was plain scared out of my wits about surgery and please just tell me what is going to happen to me. The nurse was really good about answering questions and reassuring me that the appendix and wisdom teeth are routine and no slip ups.

As far as talking in your sleep, the brain isn’t going to be able to coherently give away all you have in you. You’ll be waking up. It will be a jumble. I do talk in my sleep a lot… to bad I couldn’t talk that much when I am a wake. But even then, I don’t give away any deep and dark secrets.

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Don’t worry about the operation. I’ve been put down many times. I’ve had a sinus operation, my wisdom teeth removed, a burst eardrum replaced, a vasectomy and three times for kidney stones.

Thank you everyone I feel a bit less anxious from reading of your experiences I have a pre assessment which I just received the appointment for and I’m thinking of explaining some of my anxieties, that I’m not alone mostly and the reassurance that none of you have said or done anything extreme when waking from anaesthesia! Thanks for the responses it means a lot! Take care of yourselves!

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I think that is a good idea to explain your anxiety to your doctor. In cases like this, some doctors will give you something to calm down even before putting you to sleep.

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i think this is why i worry about the dentists so much, i get a really horrible feeling about it and when i am there i can’t get it done if i am not in the right mood, its pointless because i just won’t let him do anything except look, it is a traumatic experience and something that i hate but at the same time i dont want my teeth to fall out :frowning: (guess its another catch 22 thing really) i try and keep my teeth good but it is hard to brush your teeth all the time, i need to go to the dentists soon but i am very worried about it. i have always been afraid of the dentist.