And today's lesson for me is take more L-theanine

I tried cutting down as it’s expensive. I tried replacing some of it with other supplements.

The final straw was taking L-glutamine which screwed me up completely and gave me suicidal ideation and the worst anxiety.

L-theanine works for me, and it keeps me sane while taking Abilify.

I’m finished with trying new supplements. I’ll stick with the few I have that work.


I take L-theanine on occasion, if I am feeling anxious from caffeine intake or something but I have been taking them less and less. My bottle is going to last a long time.

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I consider it part of my meds now. I’ve tried everything to cut it down like I said, but taking it makes me feel so much better.

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I take l-theanine every day. 100mg in the morning and 200mg before bed.

Me too, if I have to much coffee too quickly and feel a little anxiety I’ll take 100mg l-theanine PRN and it always works.


Is it not an amino acid? Does it help with sleep?


Yes, it’s an amino acid.

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It’s an amino acid but it is not one of the 21 amino acids our bodies require.

It can act as an anxiolytic and helps some people with sleep.